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Yoga Class Sirmione

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Yoga Class Sirmione

Orientiamo supports the lake garda yoga because they arise from our experience and our studies done according to the tradition of Satyananda. We are trying to spread a free yoga conditioning, open to everyone and for everyone. We take the good of yoga and take it to all levels. This is our goal. There are no better or worse methods, experience with us and live calm.
We have yoga classes on Lake Garda.

Yoga courses in Manerba, Sirmione and Desenzano

We decided to open these yoga courses in Manerba and on Lake Garda because we think it’s the ideal setting to balance human emotions through a place close to the water.

corsi yoga lago di garda
yoga lago di garda

How a lesson takes place in yoga classes.


body positions
to balance the body and the mind. Antirheumatic, back health and digestive system.

respiratory practices. They activate and spread energy, against anxiety and stress

deep relaxation. The basis for health and harmony. Work on the depth of our tensions and mitigate them

mantra and visualizations, calm and focus the mind.

The Yoga we share is free, suitable for all people and all ages. It is neither too physical nor too static and adapts to the people who come to frequent it. Respect the person and try to give the essence of yoga without conditioning.

The greatest knowledge of yoga does not come from books that are read, but from the practice and the sharing of experiences.

The goal of those who teach yoga is to have people who independently, at home, on holiday or where they are, can take a few minutes of their lives to themselves. A bit of time to stop the frenzy and speed.

Get direct experience without conditioning …

Private classes, in hotels and house.

Yoga Class in Cunettone di Salò

THURSDAY 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Yoga Class in Sirmione under definition

For Reservations and Information: