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Maha Shivratri Varanasi
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Shivratri Varanasi

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Shivratri, is the darkest day of the month. Celebrating Shivratri on a monthly basis, and the particular day, Mahashivratri, almost seems like celebration of darkness. Any logical mind would resist darkness and naturally opt for light. But the word “Shiva” literally means “that which is not.” “That which is,” is existence and creation. “That which is not” is Shiva.

“That which is not” means, if you open your eyes and look around, if your vision is for small things, you will see lots of creation. If your vision is really looking for big things, you will see the biggest presence in the existence is a vast emptiness. A few spots which we call galaxies are generally much noticed, but the vast emptiness that holds them does not come into everybody’s notice. This vastness, this unbounded emptiness, is what is referred to as Shiva. Today, modern science also proves that everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothing. It is in this context that Shiva, the vast emptiness or nothingness, is referred to as the great lord, or Mahadeva.

We were in Varanasi in 2018 on the 13th of February to celebrate this very special day. Walking in a Varanasi street we entered in this house and we got this kind of welcome !!! This is Varanasi.

It was just like to walk in a place full of peacefull, full of nothing… Nothing is positive. It’s the empty space that we are looking for inside our mind. Not thought, not worries… only peace.

In Indian culture, all the ancient prayers were not about saving yourself, protecting yourself or doing better in life. All the ancient prayers have always been “Oh lord, destroy me so that I can become like yourself.”

Orientiamo is India, Orientiamo is Shivratri, Orientiamo is a community able to share what is light without fighting the dark. Because the only way to win against the dark is the light.

Hari Om Tat Sat.