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Orientiamo Yoga Sirmione International

We are a free yoga “community” of Yoga practitioners, India lovers and Vedic culture students.

Orientiamo yoga sirmione likes to share and study these ancient sciences to make modern life easier. We believe that life cannot be heaviness and pain and we consider that India is a place that will help humanity to overcome this moment of loss. For this reason, we have fun, we smile, we look … and we take life for what it should be. A wonderful journey. Hari Om Tat Sat.

We are in Sirmione in Garda lake cities. Yoga Brescia, Sirmione Yoga, Desenzano Yoga. Rudraksha Mala, japa mala, guided meditation, yoga nidra, hatha yoga, mindfullness, yoga studio, yoga center garda lake, and all that brings harmony and health.  Yoga garda lake.

Orientiamo garda lake – Yoga and Mala

yoga integral
yoga integral

We met teachers, masters, students, practitioners, sages and people who began their journey towards a inner conscious life. A teacher we met a few years ago told us: “Nowadays, the signal that something is changing in us and that we are starting to get tired of being tired, starts by reading the labels of the food we buy.” We think that the freedom to live life as a flow of experiences, untied by mental convictions and conditioning of the past is a winning approach.
Approaching a balanced, healthy and harmonious life is our mission.

Yoga is the experience of unity in difference. Use and development of the body, breath, state of meditation and discovery mind scheme. All supported by deep relaxation – Yoga Nidra. Yoga incorporates practices based on ancient Vedanta Yoga traditions of the great masters of India.

The Mala literally garland, has 108 grains and this represents the Reality. 1 represents the ultimate truth. The great creative energy 0 represents the state of Samadhi. As a symbol (circle) it symbolizes the complete perfection of the created 8 represents the Creative Nature. Infinity as a symbol. For this reason and for no other reason the mala has 108 grains. They grant calm and peace of mind, they are a valid support for meditation and the practice of yoga. Calm the distressed and restless mind brought into contact with the skin help to bring consciousness to an internalized state. They can be worn.

Who we are

Orientiamo Sirmione is free yoga community of Yoga teachers, India lovers and Vedic culture students.

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