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Meditation garda lake

Meditation Garda Lake, but what is Meditation ?

Meditation garda lake was born, because, unfortunately, we are in a hurry to do the experience of meditation. This is understandable, but no hurry or aspiration will lead to the experience, unless the complicated and stormy mind has calmed down. Meditation is a spontaneous process that can only occur when the mind has been brought to a certain level of harmony and uni-directionality. This applies whether the mind is calm for a short or a long time. It needs to be harmonized. Otherwise, meditation cannot arise. One of the simplest, safest and systematic meditative practices is called japa. This is a method that is suitable for everyone, without exception.
Lake Garda meditation process

In the process of reaching the state of meditation we use some ancient practices. The practices of pratyahara (calming the mind), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and laya yoga techniques, derived from the Upanishads, the Tantras and other traditions.


Some of the main practices:
Antar Mouna

is related to the activities of the conscious mind. In Antar Mouna there is awareness of thoughts and mental activity. The technique involves the creation, transformation and finally control of mental processes.

Ajapa Japa

it is a practice of repeating the mantra with awareness of the breath in the psychic passages. The mantra can be the personal mantra given by a guru or a mantra of the universal breath So Ham, whose spontaneous repetition is the core of Ajapa Japa.


Try to fix a point, generally a candle flame, to induce relaxation and concentration of the mind.

Meditation Garda lake Japa Mala

Japa is probably the most widespread and universal meditative system. It is an integral part of yoga and tantra, as well as in general for Hinduism. Many traditional writings describe Japa’s practices and merits, particularly in tantric texts. Many of the ancient yogis are depicted in the practicing japa. According to tradition, Brahma, the creator of the universe, has developed everything through the continuous japa of the AUM mantra. From this we understand the importance of japa in the spiritual life.

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