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Meditation does not exist

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Meditation does not exist

The purpose of meditation practices is to induce the spontaneous state of meditation. It is impossible to teach meditation, no matter what many people say. If a person tells you that he will teach you meditation, then he is not telling the truth. Although it is probably no more than a pun, the only thing anyone can teach is a method that will take you to the experience of meditation.
Remember this important point: meditation is untouchable by the very fact that it is beyond words.
Because meditation is impossible to define in concrete terms, its meaning is widely abused and misunderstood.

This is why we can say that meditation does not exist.

The fundamental mechanics of meditation

Meditation practice techniques are reasonably easy to learn. Yet it will never bring results unless it is practiced regularly and with dedication. Sad to say, many people believe that in order to experience meditation it is necessary to fill the mind with numerous techniques, none of which is practiced, however, seriously. As a result, nothing is gained. It is an easy trap, we are all used to believe that the results come through learning. That is, we believe that the more knowledge we accumulate the wiser we will become.

In intellectual terms this may be partly true, but it is certainly not true with meditation practices, and with yoga in general. A person can know almost nothing intellectually and yet by knowing a meditation technique and practicing it with dedication, he is able to experience the joy and the knowledge of meditation. Success does not depend on mere knowledge.

The practice of Japa Mala

Japa is probably the most widespread and universal meditative system.

Japa is not only confined to India. In the Buddhist path of Mahayana he extensively uses japa with a mala of 108 grains and 3 additional beads, which represent, respectively, the refuge in the Dharma, Buddha and Sangha. The most orthodox systems of Christianity widely use Japa. Anyone who has been to a Roman Catholic monastery, convent or school will have seen the monks or nuns use the rosary.

Sw. Satyananda Sarasvati

Hari Om Tat Sat.