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meccanica delle tecniche di rilassamento
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Mechanics of relaxation techniques

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Relaxation techniques
meccanica delle tecniche di rilassamento

Relaxation techniques

Have more confidence in the capabilities of your mind.
Relaxation techniques begin by bringing your consciousness away from emotionally charged thoughts and heading for activities that are emotionally neutral, such as awareness of your breathing or different parts of your body. It is almost impossible for anyone to stay or become tense and angry when their attention is turned to the big toe. In this way, relaxation techniques interrupt the incessant and useless cycle of ruminating about problems.
The awareness of the different parts of the body or the breath persuades the mind to stay away from the normal patterns of concern of discontent.
This has a wonderful calming effect on the mind. But if you remain conscious during practice, a couple of minutes of relaxation can be worth much more, and be more relaxing than many hours of sleep.

All the factors mentioned above interact with each other. A reduction in thoughts and concerns reduces the level of adrenaline in the blood.

Adrenaline causes muscle contraction, constriction of blood vessels, increases heart rate and respiratory rate, accelerates thought processes and so on – all the things that are necessary to resist danger. As is to be expected, its continuous presence in the blood leads to the continued general muscular body and mental tension. It is impossible to relax with adrenaline continuously pumped into the blood.

The reduction of adrenaline in the blood reduces the intensity of emotional and mental conflicts and so on. The overall result must be lived to be believed: an indescribable sense of freedom from mental agitation. You have to try to believe.

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