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Japa mala meditation

Japa mala meditation

literally garland, japa mala meditation  has 108 beads and what is the Reality:

1 represents the ultimate truth. The great creative energy 0 represents the state of Samadhi. As a symbol (circle) symbolizes the complete perfection of creation 8 represents the Creative Nature. As a symbol of the infinite. For this and for no other reason mala has 108 beads.

By adding together 1 and 8 has a total of 9, if you multiply nine by any number the sum of the result will always give 9: always will be, to infinity.

9 represents the total Creation, that you know and what you do not know … The Universe is constant and invariable has always been perfect and unchanging.

To wear or to be used for mantra repetition .

Grains that form a mala are inserted in a single wire, sturdy cotton, specially prepared which is then knotted by hand, separating the seeds only apparently one another, symbolically representing the union and the existing connection to the base of all the things and all beings.

In every Mala there is an additional grain Mount Meru, but not inserted in series joined to mala same that forms the end and called Sumeru or Bindu or Guru bead.

Mala is worn because it becomes almost a companion able to always remember the importance of meeting the material world with the immaterial and friendship that comes from the respect to consider and consider ourselves part of a single truth.

Japa mala meditation It’s also used for your Mantra Sadhana should never be worn around the neck, except on special occasions, or lent to other people.

They are used for the energy that can be transmitted to the environment in which they find themselves and the beings that inhabit it.

Japa mala meditation Tulsi

Also known as Holy Basil is considered the most sacred of woods used by Hindus, it is the only wood Tulasi considered deities: the wife of Vishnu.

The Tulsi is a very sensitive plant

And ‘highly it regarded for its psychic properties, and has a strong cleansing effect on the emotions and is soothing to the mind.

Tulsi mala is widely recommended for meditation. It has the power to cleanse the aura and increase the spiritual power, protects and helps in learning the Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion.

According to Hindu contact with the tulsi wood acts as the rejuvenating stressed minds and bringer of optimism and luck.

In ayurveda it is helpful in cases for the purification of the body bringing balance to the doshas.

There are restrictions on use of mala tusi: the person should be totally vegetarian, do not eat onions and do not drink alcohol, only then the Guru will allow the aspirant to use tulsi for its practice of Mantra Japa.


Under the power of Shiva

In the scriptures we read that Rudraksha have the power to remove sins and lead to moksha away and neutralizing material desires.

Develop calm and peace of mind, becoming a valuable support for meditation and yoga practice.

They calm the mind distressed and restless brought into contact with the skin help to bring awareness to a state internalized.

Japa mala meditation with rudraksha seeds are considered for millennia powerful tools of healing and spiritual enlightenment. Rudraksha, the seed of a fruit of the jungle, is the second mala commonly used, there are no restrictions on its use.

They are considered auspicious objects to giving the wearer physical and astrological benefits but not only, according to tradition, he will in fact also preserved from impure thoughts and actions.

Rudraksha seed gives harmony in relationships and is essential in overcoming obstacles on the path to happiness and harmony.

Even in the most ancient scriptures you will find mention of the extraordinary properties attributed to these seeds, which for centuries have adorned the body of sages and ascetics in search of enlightenment. According to ayurveda wear rudraksha seeds door, thanks to their electromagnetic properties, beneficial effects on the heart and nervous system, blood pressure, as well as relieve stress anxiety depression and mental fatigue.

Rudras are considered a gift from Shiva to humans, as a manifestation of his compassion, help to alleviate the suffering of humanity.


Japa mala meditation with Sandalwood is  suitable for those who are seeking psychic effects. And it’s famous for its positive effects on the psyche. Used for its purifying energy, it brings balance to the passionate energy and protects against low vibration. Sandalwood opens the heart and feelings and is used by those who are brought to the devotion. It contains protective and peaceful vibrations. Benefits for those who have any type day skin disorder

Fragrance naturally emitted by this wood has the power to attract subtle vibrations, promotes a clear understanding and a state of calm and positive mood.  Sandal is regarded as the preferred wood by the Gods in India

Sandalwood sign sadalwood English chandan in Hindi, evokes an old world of mysticism, mystery and devotion. The sandal is a substance considered among the purest for its refreshing and medicinal properties.

White sandal, whose fragrance is said to be the most pleasing to the gods, brings freshness and harmony in mind.


Nine planets

They consist of repeats of nine semi-precious stones, pearls and corals symbolizing the nine planets of the solar systems. Effects of these mala is highly known in India, where astrology is part of everyday life in that they neutralize the influences of the planets in negative position and reinforce the positive influences of the planets in our favor.

It’s an amulet made by combining the stones in order to protect those who wear it.

Navaratna are considered bearers of good luck, able to ward off negative forces, a symbol of good luck, fertility bearer, tranquility and happiness.

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