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Orientiamo. Whether you are a beginner or do not know anything about Yoga or even if you are a yoga teacher or a researcher, it does not matter.
In Orientiamo we try to share a complete experience of study and practice of traditional Yoga.

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Orientiamo chi siamo
orientiamo chi siamo

About us

Orientiamo is a free “community” of yoga practitioners, passionate about India and the Vedic culture.
Swami Joythimayananda one day told us: “Let’s face the difficulty with the heart. We continue to act with the soul We will not feel stuck, we are not victims … We will never go back … We move with force without ego … We live in the moment like this with love without goals and expectations. I feel stable”.

Orientiamo Students
Orientiamo Systematic

Online School for Yoga study and practice
From your home or wherever you are, the systematic yoga path follows you online.

Path dedicated to those who truly and sincerely want to follow a path of personal growth in traditional Yoga.

Ready to start this yoga journey ?